"More than Earned the Commission"


  ~ It wasn't their first time selling FSBO but listen to what happened after getting TWO OFFERS this time  ~

Spoiler Alert... "He More than Earned the Commission, by the Net Proceeds."

Besides having been a successful FSBO Seller in the past, Tony since retired and had more time than ever to sell his Mother's home for her.

Hear what it was like selling in Boise after the neighbors told them house were selling within days. It wasn't what they expected at all.

Listening to their turnaround success could help you get your home sold without wasting money, time and effort needlessly.

So watch this whether you're looking to sell it yourself or want to hear what Mark Barnard's experience can do for you.

Carol & Tony's Video ~ CLICK HERE

Here's the Cliff's Notes:

"I think the value that Mark and his team brought to it was:

Ξ What to do
Ξ When to do it
Ξ What Changes to make to make the property saleable
Ξ What would be a waste of money.
Ξ So, we invested our money wisely..."
Ξ So, not only did we get an offer within 36 hours of going on the market, we got an offer 6 % over the asking price.

Ξ Within another 24 hours later we had a backup offer. Due to Mark's experience... 24 hours we got another offer as a backup and it was 6% over asking (as well)."

I can't promise that your results will be as great as it turned out for Carol and Tony.

I only know your chances are much better if you hire me than if you don't.

Call or test me today for your free book to help you decide what's best.

Mark Barnard

Keller Williams Realty Boise


Mark Barnard is a Contributing Author with the Institute for Real Estate Education

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